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Live a unique experience and learn, through a realistic 3D simulation, how to save a life.

Your colleague just suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed. You have 4 minutes to save him through a virtual experience.
Level: Beginner
Environment: Professional, office


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A member of your soccer team suddently collapsed during training. Learn the right reflexes and save his life.
Level: Advanced
Environment: Sports, soccer field


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Cardiac arrest
Every year, more than 250,000 people suffer from cardiac arrest in the US. The survival rate is very low: 5% only. Learn more

Pr Pierre Carli, chief doctor of the emergency medical services in Paris, shares his experience. (French version)
Resuscitation techniques
Faced with cardiac arrest, most witnesses could save lives if they knew the right resuscitation techniques. Learn more

Philips HearthStart (HS1), the home defibrillator designed so that anyone can use it.
3D LifeLike Experiences
Thanks to Serious Games and 3D virtual environments, learning by doing has become more simple and interactive. Learn more

Bernard Charles, CEO of Dassault Systèmes, shares his thoughts on virtual medical training.
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